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Breathe New Life into Your Lawn with Our Core Aeration Service

Does your lawn seem tired and lifeless? Compacted soil, a common problem in our Minnesota climate, can restrict air, water, and nutrient flow to your grass roots. This leads to weak growth, patchy areas, and increased susceptibility to disease. But don't worry - Lawnworks has the solution! We offer professional core aeration services to bring new life into your lawn and restore its health and vitality.

Core aeration is the perfect solution to revitalize your lawn. This service involves removing small plugs of soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the root zone. The result? A healthier, more vibrant lawn that can better withstand the stresses of our climate. Our expert technicians use specialized equipment to ensure precise aeration, providing maximum benefits for your lawn. Say goodbye to compacted soil and hello to a lush, green lawn you'll love!


  • Improved drainage: Aeration allows excess water to drain more effectively, preventing puddling and soggy patches.
  • Enhanced root growth: Increased air circulation stimulates deeper root development, leading to a stronger, more resilient lawn.
  • Better nutrient uptake: Aerated soil allows your lawn to absorb essential nutrients from fertilizers more efficiently.
  • Thicker, greener grass: Improved air, water, and nutrient flow results in healthier grass growth, leading to a thicker, greener lawn.
  • Reduced disease risk: A healthy, well-aerated lawn is less susceptible to fungal diseases and pest infestations.

What Our Customers Say

Aeration services around Champlin, MN Aeration service within Champlin, MN Aeration services in Champlin, MN Aeration company near Champlin, MN

"The lawn care service is good, but the online appointment scheduling could be a bit more user-friendly. Otherwise, I'm happy with the results."

- William G.

Aeration services near Champlin, MN Aeration services around Champlin, MN Aeration company in Champlin, MN Aeration services in Champlin, MN Aeration company within Champlin, MN

"Having a mosquito-free backyard thanks to Lawnworks is a game-changer! We can finally enjoy spending evenings outdoors without getting bitten."

- Katherine A.

Aeration service around Champlin, MN Aeration service near Champlin, MN Aeration service near Champlin, MN Aeration service around Champlin, MN

"Lawnworks offers a variety of lawn care packages, which is great. However, it would be helpful if they could offer consultations to recommend the best plan for my specific needs."

- Matthew D.

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