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Weed Control

Applications for pest and weed free lawn

Weed Control to remove everything that isn't supposed to be in your lawn

Weed Control Benefits

  • Asthetics and first impressions count.
  • Achieve a beautiful, lush, barefoot-ready lawn.
  • Eliminate systemic pests leaving a healthy, thick, and strong lawn.

Our Process

In the spring we apply pre-emergent weed control and broadlfea/crabgrass killer to stop weeds before they germinate. We continue to maintain weed barriers throughout the season with safe and effective spot treatments. If lawns are cared for in this measured and regimented manor, vast improvements can be achieved over time. Even lawns with the roughest of beginnings, will become healthy, vibrant, and weed free.

See our fertilizer program for more information on integrated weed control.

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