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Spring Clean-Up

Removal of garbage, dead plants, branches and other winter debris from your property

Spring Clean-Up to make your yard and grass look great

Benefits of Spring Clean-Up

  • Prepared for the spring growing season.
  • Immediately improve the appearance and aesthetics of your property.
  • Lessen the chance of a fungus or disease establishing itself in your yard or landscaping beds and causing harm to your plant life.
  • Save yourself the time and hassle of collecting and removing debris yourself.
  • Get back your weekend and get started on you summer.

Our Process

Typically preformed in April through the middle of May, depending on the weather. Our well trained crew will remove leaves, paper, and debris throughout your property, including landscape beds and parking areas. We will also run a dethatch and removal during the spring cleaning visit.

Our Spring Clean-Up service includes:

  • Single mow
  • Blowing off landscaping and hard surfaces
  • Collection of grass clippings, leaves, fallen branches, and general clutter from lawn and landscape
  • Removal of debris from property or optionally left onsite where instructed

You may optionally consider applying our spring pre-emergent and fertilization at this time if you are not already on one of our other plans.

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