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Fall Clean-Up

Removal of leaves, branches, dead plants, and lawn debris from your property

Fall Clean-Up to get your yard ready for a Winter without leaves

Benefits of Fall Clean-Up

  • Eliminate mold, bacteria, and diseases that can fester in dead materials.
  • Displace invasive insects that often winter on the the ground, especially boring insects that can threaten your trees.
  • Lessen the dethatch workload for next spring.

Our Process

Our fall clean-up service includes:

  • Last mow of the season.
  • Blow and clear dead materials out of flower beds, rock beds and mulch, and all the other corners of your yard.
  • Blow off landscaping and hard surfaces
  • Remove dead leaves, branches, and other debris.
  • Collection of grass clippings, leaves, fallen branches, and clutter from lawn and landscape.
  • Removal of Debris from property or collections may be left onsite when instructed.
  • Optionally: Now would be the best possible time to aerate and fertilize, if you are not already on one of our other scheduled plans.

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